Stelvio National Park

Established in 1935 to protect the fauna, flora, and natural beauty of the Ortler-Cevedale mountain range, Stelvio National Park is a vast natural park where visitors can admire and stay in the heart of the Alps.

The protected area covers twenty-three municipalities, some in Lombardy, ten in the province of Bolzano, and three in the province of Trento. Each of these municipalities offers opportunities to visit and explore the park's protected area.

Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio

In Stelvio Park, visitors can admire the rich coniferous forests, characterized by red and white firs, and large stands of evergreen trees. As elevation increases, the landscape offers a large scree, glacial moraines, and in some cases, perennial snow. In total, over 1,500 km of trails allow visitors to venture into nature, and there are numerous information points where maps and information can be obtained.

Many animal species find refuge in Stelvio National Park, and at high altitude, it's not uncommon to encounter deer, chamois, roe deer, ibex, marmots, and foxes.

Marmotta nel parco

Remember to always check the weather conditions and plan the trek according to your abilities before starting a mountain hike.

The Best Valleys in Lombardy

Valle dei Forni. All the trails are located in the Cedéc valley and the Valle dei Forni. The two valleys offer many opportunities to observe the flora, fauna, and geomorphology of the area. To reach the Valle dei Forni, follow the asphalted road from Santa Caterina in the direction of the Forni locality.

Valle di Fraele. An expansive and suggestive glacial valley characterized by the presence of two large artificial lakes. Also, many unspoiled lateral valleys offer rich fauna. To reach the valley, follow the road that connects Bormio to Livigno. Near Premadio, turn towards the Torri di Fraele.


Val Zebrù. Considered one of the most important and fascinating valleys in Stelvio National Park, it is an essential destination for nature enthusiasts. The flora and fauna here are unique in the entire Alpine landscape, with numerous golden eagles, royal eagles, and ungulates. To reach the valley, start from Bormio and follow the S.P. 29 of Gavia until San Nicolò Valfurva. Continue in the direction of Madonna dei Monti until Niblogo, where you'll find a convenient parking area.