The Santa Caterina ski resort offers over 35 km of ski slopes, consisting of 16 slopes with varying levels of difficulty and incline, and 8 ski lifts. The alpine climate and snowmaking systems allow skiers and snowboarders to enjoy the beautiful descents throughout the winter season.

In total, there are 16 slopes: 2 blue slopes, 12 red slopes, and 2 black slopes. The colors represent the difficulty level of the slopes, with blue being the easiest, red being of medium difficulty, and black being the most challenging. The difficulty level is measured by the length and incline of the slope.

Le piste da sci di Santa Caterina Valfurva

The most famous and complex slope is the black Deborah Compagnoni slope, dedicated to the famous and victorious ski champion born and raised in Santa Caterina Valfurva. The slope was purposely designed for the alpine skiing World Cup, with a total length of 3,300 meters and a maximum incline of 76%.

Among the most beautiful slopes we can find:

• Dell'Alpe slope: a red slope of medium difficulty, 2,875 meters long. The starting point is at the intermediate Sobretta at 2,650 meters, with a spectacular view from the slope when passing over the Sobretta mountain ridge.

• Adler slope: a fairly complex and difficult black slope, 1,570 meters long.

• Cevedale slope: a red slope of medium difficulty, 2,690 meters long.

All information and details on openings, closings, tickets, rentals or bookings are available on the official website of the ski resort or the town of Santa Caterina.

Download the map of ski slopes.