One of the most exciting winter activities is ski mountaineering.

Ski mountaineering is a skiing discipline that takes place in the mountains, following mountain trails and treks using skis and seal skins in high altitudes. The beauty of the discipline is the possibility of enjoying and exploring the diversity of the mountains in a very natural setting: since the human presence is reduced to a minimum, it is very easy to see ibex, chamois, marmots, and other high-altitude animals.

Panorama invernale a Santa Caterina

Ski mountaineering is as beautiful as it is dangerous: moving off-piste on snow-covered trails presents many pitfalls and critical issues. First of all, it is essential to move with the right equipment, crampons, ice axe, probe, thermal material, and much more; it is crucial to know the routes perfectly, sometimes not visible due to the snow, and carefully study the weather and meteorological conditions: being caught in a storm at high altitude can be fatal.

Lo scialpinismo a Santa Caterina

If you are not an experienced ski mountaineer, you can join organized groups led by local mountain guides and enjoy the safety and peace of mind that an expert can provide, allowing you to experience the true spirit of the mountains.