The ski lifts in Santa Caterina start from 1738m in the town and reach up to 2880m on Mount Sobretta. Maintenance of the lifts is carried out regularly and meticulously to ensure safety, efficiency, and comfort for all mountain enthusiasts. Trained personnel are present at every lift to assist and support skiers and tourists.

Gli impianti di risalita a Santa Caterina Valfurva

The longest lift is the Plaghera-Sobretta-Vallalpe cable car, with a total length of 1,960m and a vertical drop of 600m, reaching an altitude of 2,750m. From this lift, the main slopes of the area start, including the black Deborah Compagnoni slope, and red slopes Dell’alpe, Edelweiss, Cevedale, and others.

The highest lift is the Vallalpe chairlift, reaching an altitude of 2,880m. From this lift, three red slopes start: Vallalpe (1,900m), Del Sole (830m), and Cameraccia (840m).

Gli impianti di risalita a Santa Caterina Valfurva

For children and beginner skiers, there are two conveyor belts: the first is located in Santa Caterina and connected to the town's ski school, with a length of 60m. The second is near the Sunny Valley ski school at an altitude of 2,650m.

All information and specifics about openings, closings, tickets, rentals, or reservations are available on the official website of the lifts or the municipality of Santa Caterina.