Nestled in the highest point of Valfurva, in the heart of Stelvio National Park, the town of Santa Caterina Valfurva enchants tourists with its beautiful alpine landscape. During the winter season, the town becomes a favored destination for ski enthusiasts, thanks to its modern lift facilities and abundant snowfall.

Piste per lo sci di fondo a S. Caterina Valfurva

Among the various winter sports that can be practiced in Santa Caterina, cross-country skiing stands out. The main cross-country skiing track winds through the beautiful pine forest of the plain, offering a fairy tale-like scenery. It is possible to take a 5km loop that is less technical and more amateur, or a 10km track, more technical and suited to enthusiasts of the sport. Next to the cross-country skiing track, there is also an amateur and tourist path, with 2.3 and 5km loops characterized by easy difficulty and elevation.

The beginning of all tracks can be found at the "La Fonte" facility; at this building, it is possible to receive all information related to cross-country skiing and courses offered by the Cross-Country Ski School. Additionally, comfortable changing rooms and equipment storage are present. The facility also doubles as a pleasant and renowned restaurant, with ample indoor and outdoor spaces.