Among the various activities that can be done during winter, we also find snowshoeing: wonderful walks and treks, immersed in nature and the mountains, to explore the beauty and diversity of the alpine landscape of the Stelvio National Park.

This experience is really suitable for everyone, young and old: you can choose more challenging and tiring routes, or more relaxed and comfortable ones. There are also numerous initiatives organized by the municipality of Santa Caterina Valfurva and the local pro loco.

Le ciaspolate a Santa Caterina

These are the most recommended trails:

• Fiocchi Path: low difficulty. Total length: about 3 km. You leave from the center of La Fonte and follow a path along the plain of Santa Caterina towards the Valle dei Forni; completing a loop back to the village.

• Sources Path: low difficulty. Total length: about 6 km. Continuing towards the Gavia Pass, at the second switchback, you enter the forest and climb towards the Plaghera area.

• Forni Path: medium difficulty. Total elevation gain: about 450 mt. From Santa Caterina, you proceed along the road that leads to the Forni refuge: the first structure you encounter is the Stella Alpina refuge. Continuing on the same road, you can also reach the Forni refuge.

Before planning a trek or walk, always inform yourself about the weather and path conditions.