The Gavia Pass is one of the most famous and renowned mountain passes among cycling enthusiasts. A historic stage of the Giro d'Italia, it is one of the most challenging and rewarding destinations to test oneself. The climb alternates between very tough and demanding sections and long false flats, with the nearby high Alps and surrounding nature creating a truly unique backdrop.

Passo Gavia in bici da corsa

Cycling up the Gavia Pass, starting from the Bormio/Santa Caterina side, involves starting from the altitude of the valley, around 1200m, and climbing for a total of 26 km, with very demanding sections, to reach the pass at 2,618 meters above sea level. The average gradient from this side of the mountain is 5.5%, although in some sections it can reach maximum gradients of 12/15%. Starting from the city of Bormio, the total elevation gain to pedal is 1,400m, over a distance of approximately 26km.

Salita al Passo Gavia in bici

The absence of heavy vehicles and the low traffic of cars make this road perfect for challenging oneself and reaching the Val Camonica.